Waking up to Norwegian farmland is truly amazing. Sound of tractors passing by. The morning light shines through the windows without compromise from any forest for a few miles. The engineer has already started working on his and the programmers scooter. The architect his reflecting on the last day experience. Trying to figure out a theme to write on for day 1. The Piaggio Zip Nero scooter has a new installed shock absorber. The feeling of sitting in a boat is gone for the programmer. We are on the road by 1230. However, one stop must be made before we travel further. Biltema in Gjøvik. For the readers outside of Scandinavia. Biltema is Swedish a everything store for car, boats, MC and basic stuff you don’t need.


Shopping list at Biltema:

The engineer
– Cup holder
– Driving gloves


The programmer
– Blue transparent bottle with short straw
– Gloves
– Biltema bottle water
– Carabiner for the bottle
– Charging cable


The architect waited outside the store. The sun burned after just a few minutes. 10 minutes later the stonemason came out. Empty handed. Frustrated of all the choices the store has to offer. Especially to people who is not used to go shopping there. Finally, after 10 more minutes. The engineer and the programmer came out the light blue front doors to the store. We left the parking lot 1330. Way after schedule.


Comments based on irritation for the long shopping began the second they came out of Biltema in Gjøvik.


“We have used more hours in Biltema then on the road.” Stonemason

“You sat in the waiting hall at the hospital, whole yesterday evening.” Engineer


Later in Lillehammer when we stopped for some food. The programmer opens the pack with the new charging cable.


“There should be more Biltema stores along the road.” Programmer

“Hope not.” Stonemason

“Why not?” Programmer

“If there are, we won’t reach the goal.” Stonemason


Midnight in Alvdal Camping, the town you have to lock the front door.


“Don’t get stuck up in the Biltema theme. It is the recipe to break up friendship.” Stonemason

“Nothing else happened this day and it is kind of interesting. Buying useless stuff and spending a long time buying it.” Architect


We try driving on small and old roads along the main road to Trondheim to avoid traffic. These fit the scooters speed. We drove over Ringebue mountain. The steep roads forces some of the scooters down in 15km/h. Downhill is faster. The architect and the stonemason hit up to 80km/h on the curvy roads. Which turned out to a scooter race. The air up at the mountain and during the evening down the valley in Alvdal is colder than in south.


Morning status, day 3, 0933.

We debate whether to drive through Røros or Trondheim. Røros, less traffic. Trondheim, more traffic, and a store with an air filter to the TGB Express scooter.